What is Chivalry?

In the SCA chivalry refers to combat. For those who enjoy competition and love to see history come alive, SCA combat is a very rewarding experience.

Events in Calontir often involve tournaments of some sort for both fighters and archers. Mag Mor itself holds a yearly fighting event that attracts visitors from other realms. It is through tournaments and wars that we get a glimpse into the medieval idea of knighthood but more importantly, we learn what it means to be chivalrous today.

Fighting within the SCA depends on a system of honor. Each combatant is expected to tell his fellows when a hit is good and when it is too light. Communication on the battlefield is essential and opponents must be able to trust the information given to them. As any fighter will tell you, chivalry is an important part of what we do both on and off the field.

Combat 101

Fighting is done in either a tournament or war style, both are very different in focus but require the same amount of equipment and training.

The weapons within the SCA are ratan covered in duck tape. Each weapon uses red tape to mark which section is considered the blade (or simply it’s sharp point depending on the weapon), and the other color is left up to the wielder’s discretion.

No combat is allowed without the proper armor and in order to compete at events, each person must pass certain tests called “authorizations” to assure that they can keep themselves and others safe.

Interested in fighting?

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