The Barony of Mag Mor is the Lincoln, Nebraska branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international non-profit organization dedicated to recreating and researching pre-seventeenth century European

The Barony of Mag Mor is located within the SCA’s Kingdom of Calontir. Calontir includes modern-day Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, most of Nebraska, and part of northwestern Arkansas. In Nebraska, the Grand Island, Kearney, and Hastings vicinities are included within the Barony of Mag Mor’s boundaries.

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Calontir has adopted the BOD’s recommended CoVidSafe procedures and will begin implementing them on Nov.
15, 2021. These procedures will be used at all official SCA events, meetings, and practices; the first kingdom
event to use them will be Toys for Tots on Nov. 20th. Fighter practices, our weekly in-person meetings, and Yule Court will follow these rules.

There are links on the Kingdom website with the official full notification and other information. If there are any differences, the Kingdom policy is the official one and will be followed. The way it will work is this: a designated person (checker) will be posted at the entrance and will check every participant’s photo ID and CoVidSafe proof (either proof of vaccination or of a negative CoVid test result within
72 hours of the start of the event). The participant’s hand will be stamped (or some other form of entrance
identification used) and they may continue into the gate to check-in.

Children 12 and older may be identified by their parent or guardian but must show the CoVidSafe proof. Children 11 and younger do not need to go through this procedure. No names or health status will be recorded by the checker.

\At the end of the checker’s shift, they will sign a statement swearing that they checked the CoVid status of
everyone who came through the entrance. This policy will be reviewed each quarter and may be amended if the CoVid risk rating for the states that make up Calontir are at medium or below for two consecutive quarters. The data used is from the official website

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